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How to arrive in Favignana
The easiest way to arrive in Sicily is the plane, you can land in Trapani or Palermo.
From the airport is easy to get to the port of Trapani (via bus or taxi) and go to Favignana

There are frequent connections from Trapani to Favignana by Hydrofoils and ferriesbut it is possible to reach Trapani to Marsala (with less links)

By Sea

From Genoa, Neapel and Livorno to Trapani or Palermo
From Trapani to Favignana (Siremar ferries)

To Favignana:
Neapel - Favignana (6 h) only in summer
Trapani - Favignana (25 min) all year
Marsala - Favignana (15 min) only in summer

Hydrofoil, catamaranandd ferries:

- Siremar

- Ustica Lines

 mappa Favignana  - Italia  By airplane: airports:
"Vincenzo Florio" (Trapani - Birgi)
"Falcone-Borsellino" (Palermo - Punta Raisi)
Charter and Air bus from Italy and Europe 
 By car:
Autobahn nach Trapani 
By train: 
Central station Palermo– central station Trapani (see TRENITALIA)

By Bus:
Palermo - Trapani Porto (From 7.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m.)

For information and reservations
Mobile +39 347-304.12.80
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