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Favignana is an ancient Island at the centre of the Mediterranean Sea, nine miles away from Trapani (20 minutes by hydrofoil or 1 hour by ferryboat), the largest of the Egadi Island.

Its name derives from the wind called “FAVONIO”(zelfiro) which makes its climate very mild. Its shape is like a butterfly with widespread wings, it has a plain area in the west side, a wood in the east and a big mountain at its centre, (Montagna Grossa 315 mt).

Favignana has some traces of prehistoric human settlements; is mentioned by Thucydides as a insediamentofenici. There are the remains of an early Christian Cemetery

In 1081 the Normans there created a village and mighty fortifications, the Fort St. Giacomo (at the top of the mountain).

In the Angevin period produced the two tuna factory (tonnare). In 1874 the island belonged to Florio who empowered le tonnare and built a villa in liberty style.The tuna and the Tuff was the work of Favignana Florio, the plant is closed in 1970 and the fishing for bluefin tuna with the mattanza is finished in 2009.
Today the economy is mainly based on tourism.

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